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  • Panasonic Distributor
  • AfterShokz Distributor
  • Philips Distributor
  • Braun Distributor
  • Lego Distributor
  • Tria Beauty Distributor
  • Canon Distributor
  • Bosch Distributor
  • Hurom Distributor
  • MillHeat Distributor
  • AudioTechnica Distributor
  • Brinno Distributor
  • Blendtec Distributor

Duty Free & Travel Retail

We offer proven solutions for increased profitability to our partners through supply chain management and custom-built retail programs.

Wholesale Distribution

For more than 20 years we work closely with manufacturers, to provide the best all around support to our retail partners.

20 years in the business

Loyalty Programs

 Loyalty programs designed to maximize your business growth, engage your employees, motivate your sales team and increase your customer retention.


Leading B2B Wholesale Platform

Our team has developed an innovative online platform where you can find all of our available inventory.

Daily Deals

Enjoy our special offers on daily basis for various products.

Special Prices For Businesses

On our platform, you will find detailed information for each product. Prices, MOQ, Descriptions, Pictures and more.

Large Variety of Products

We carry a large variety of brands names. Currently, more than 50 and growing!

Let's do business together!

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Plovdiv, Free Trade Zone

P: +(359) 02 492 8705

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us.